Planning Ahead

When the organizers first envisioned what the Cville Tool Library might look like and what it could offer the community, we had LOTS of ideas. But they all hinged on one thing: opening!

The first two years

Prior to opening our doors in March 2022, the organizers spent months planning, soliciting donated tools, recruiting members and volunteers, and ironing out many wrinkles in order to begin loaning tools. Over the past 24 months, we’ve built our membership base, increased our inventory to over 800 tools, recruited and trained dozens of volunteers, and established a solid financial footing for the inaugural version of the Cville Tool Library.

While we’re pretty pleased with ourselves, we recognize that bootstrapping a project like this can be limiting for long-term growth and sustainability. It’s time to take a more carefully-crafted, research-driven approach to plan the next phase.

Strategic Planning for the future of Cville Tool Library

The tool library is grateful for support from Bamaworks Foundation for the development of a strategic plan. We are in the very early stages of this process – stay tuned for notes on our progress, and how you can be involved!

Strategic Planning process